How to Minimize the Fallout from Customer Returns

Refunding a customer due to a problem with their item is something that any ecommerce seller will need to go through from time to time. Whether an item simply isn’t what the customer was looking for or if there is actually something wrong with it, returns and refunds are all part and parcel of running an online shop. While customers aren’t usually going to have a problem with your brand if they return something simply because they changed their mind about it, if they have experienced a problem such as the item being faulty, not as described, or damaged, you might have to work a little harder to regain their trust and encourage them to give your brand a second chance.

No-Hassle Refunds

Don’t make it difficult for your customers to get a refund if they have bought a product that’s faulty, damaged, or not what they were expecting. Customers who have to jump through hoops just to get their hard-earned money back are unlikely to return to your store in the process. While there’s not much that you can do about the time it takes for the bank to process the refund payment, what you can do is ensure that customers have a quick, easy process for returning and getting the money back for their item. Including a paid return postage bag in the package is a good way to do this, along with an easy online refund request form.

Offer a Coupon

If a customer is seriously disappointed with an item that they have purchased from you, you may be able to soften the blow by offering them a coupon off their next purchase. Not only does giving a gift ensure that your customer feels that they are heard and their concerns are being taken on board by the company, but it can also be the push that they need to come back and purchase again even after a negative experience with your company. If the next experience that they have when buying products using the coupon is positive, they’ll be more likely to continue shopping instead of looking elsewhere. This is a reliable coupon plugin for WordPress that you can use to offer money off codes to any of your customers.

Replace the Item

If your customer has purchased an item that is defective or damaged, apologizing and replacing it with one that’s fully working and in good condition can help to get the customer satisfaction rates back up again. Since faulty and defective items are likely going to be rare if you have good quality control, you may want to consider the idea of offering a refund and a replacement, allowing the customer to get the right item free of charge, once they have returned the faulty item back to you.

Every ecommerce business owner will need to deal with customers who are unhappy with an item that they have purchased. How you handle returns and refunds will impact customer satisfaction levels and can be the difference between customers returning to your store or looking elsewhere.

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